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they think about clues they got when they find artifact's from prehistory that how historians investigate the past.

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Historians use lots of things from old texts, artefact's, eyewitness accounts and sometimes even stories passed on from generation to generation!

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Q: How do historians investigate the past?
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What was the purpose of the warren commission?

to investigate the assassination of president John F Kennedy

A history is a factual narrative or record of past events gathered through observation and outside or secondary sources List the sources historians can use to find information?

Sources historians can use to find information include: testimony from witnesses; accounts in letters or memoirs; records from courts, businesses, churches, etc.; other books, newspapers; unwritten records; and physical remains.

Were colonial historians prisoners of their time?

As far as both colonial and nationalist historians are concerned they were prisoners of their time to a larger extent.As both history being influenced by the situation. Colonial historians constructed history to justify colonization while nationalist constructed history to spread nationalism. How ever to a lesser extent both colonial and nationalist historians were not prisoners of their time as they write history using common sense,feelings ,objective and favour.

What president said history will treat you fairly historians probably won't?

Nixon said a quote very similar to this one. He stated "History will treat me fairly. Historians probably won't because most historians are on the left." He was discussing the differences between the beliefs of democrats and republicans.

Is it logical to assume that colonial and nationalist historians were both willing scribes?

Colonial historians and nationalists were not prisoners because their writings were examined by the ruling class so it was difficult for them to write what was exactly happened.