How do horses hear?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Horses do have ears just like humans.

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Q: How do horses hear?
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How many horses are there in the wild?

no one will no horses have been dissapearing at least that's what i hear but there are still horses left

What does 'tone killed' mean in regards to horses?

It means they can not hear. They need spurs to ride them if they can not hear.

Do horses live in Canada?

Of course! Horses live anywhere in the world, or can. I hear that the horses are more heavy and like the draft breed up there.

What is the saying about a horse and zebra?

If you hear hoofbeats think horses, not zebras.

Do horses stop when they hear the word dakoda?

Not unless someone has trained them to.

How do a horses ear's help it adapt to its environment?

well horses can not see forward like we can so they can see their stomache, and the rider, so it helps them when they can hear I ♥ horses

Do horses eat bodark apples?

Yes, If you hear someone say "horse apples" they mean bodark apples! Horses LOVE them!

Does a horse sing?

Well infact horses do sing, but we can'NT hear them sing because we do'NT speak horse languege but if we were horses we can speak to all other horses in our language.

Native Americans put an ear to the ground to hear the enemy?

to hear where the horses were approaching from, it could be the enemy or could just be somebody they are waiting for

Why do red Indians put their ear to the ground?

to hear how far the horses is and the speed they are going in

What natural resources are used to make glue?

Horses are the ones that you hear about the most, but nowadays they are just as likely to be slaughtered and eaten.

How do you hear a horses a long way off by putting your ear to the ground?

You can hear them because the rhythm of their hooves hitting the ground vibrates the Earth, so you are hearing the vibrations.