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When the bolt is pulled back there is a catch on the left side of the bolt. Using a small screw driver or Allen wrench push the catch forward and down. this allows the bolt to pass. the tool must be inserted from behind the action.

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Q: How do you take the bolt out of a mohawk 600?
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What is a Remington model 600 308 caliber rifle worth?

The Remington mohawk .308 is a great rifle. In Good condition it is about a $1000 to $1250 dollar gun it was discontinued in the 1970's and there are only a few in good condition left. So a mohawk 600 is worth about $1000 to $1250. The Remington model 600 was made until 1968 and was followed by the Model 600 Mohawk. The original 600 had a ribbed barrel and the Mohawk did not. Both are built on the same short, top feed, bolt action. and both have 18 1/2 in barrels. There was a recall on the rifles as there was some concern that the safety could not be moved far enough back to insure that the rifle would not fire. This was easily corrected by expanding the safety slot in the stock.

How do you take the bolt apart for a cooey model 600 22 cal?

Best left to a gunsmith

Will a model 7 stock fit a 600 mohawk?

A model 7 stock would not fit a 600 Mohawk. The stock and the trigger guard do not line up correctly, although the stock may fit on the gun.

What is a fair price for a Remingtom Mohawk 600 243 rifle?

Depending on condition, 100-400 USD.

Were the mohawk 600 308 made in 1985?

No the Remington model 600 Mohawk was made during the years 1971-1979.This was a promotional model with a total production of 94,920 rifles made during this time span.They were chambered in 222rem,6mm rem,243 Win,or .308Win.

How much do Mohawk rugs generally cost?

The cost of Mohawk rugs will vary depending on which country one is purchasing from. In the United States they can cost as little as $100 and as much as $600 with an average price around $250.

Would the Remington company still work on a 1970 Mohawk 600?

Go to their website. If they won't, they have a list of folks that might.

Is a cooey 22 600 semi automatic?

No, it is a bolt action.

What is a Remington model 600 Mohawk .222 caliber rifle worth?

Current (2008) used gun prices on a Mohawk 600 Remington in any caliber vary by condition but for those in "very good" to "excellent" condition the range is between $300 and $400. All variants of the 600 are essentially light weight (6 Lbs. +/-), with 18.5" barrels Those designated 600 "Mohawk's" did not have the (of no practical value) ventilated rib on top of the barrel and sported a cheaper, but equally functional, laminated stock. Remington discontinued the 600 line in the mid-1970's but reincarnated it the 1990's in several models, none including the original 600 designation. These newer versions have essentially the same short throw bolt action but with some minor functional improvements .Some are significantly better finished and stocked than the original, and priced accordingly. All have added short magnum calibers to the more established centre fire .22 to .35 caliber range and the barrels have been lengthened to 20" to 22", increasing the weight by half a pound or so. Either a used 600 in good condition, or any of its more recent offspring remain pretty much in a class by themselves in the short, light weight bolt action carbine category

What is the value of a 1984 270 A-Bolt Medallion?

100-600 usd

How do you bolt your scooter?

you take a bolt and bolt it.

What is the value of a browning medalion 30.30 A bolt rifle?

50-600 usd