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Other cultures can have an affect on your culture because of globalization. For example, the arrival of Indian immigrants in Britain led to curry becoming a national dish.

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Q: How does other cultures affect your culture?
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How does media affect culture?

Media facilitates a culture's transmission to other cultures and vice versa. i.e. Every culture is influenced by other cultures around them, but with medias like internet, cultures are influenced by all the other cultures of the world.

How did the separation of India affect its cultures?

The separation might have affected their culture because they weren't able to see other cultures, therefore they made up their own laws/culture.

How does undisposed plastic affect cultures?

there is a simple answer to this question it does not affect culture whatso ever

Access to other cultures and their influence on your own culture is known as?

"when learning about other cultures,it follows that you come to think about your own culture more deeply"

What are the influences of other cultures to maranao culture?

The influence of culture on communication process?

How does geography affect culture-?

geography affects cultures by helping different cultures live in different places that fit to their needs. This also affects the cultures by providing them with different things to do and eat. That is how culture is affected my georaphy.

How is god present in Canadian culture?

its not. Canadian culture is about acceptance of other cultures and religions

How geography affect the people in the Philippines?

it affect the culture,because feast and other can affect the culture.

Does the African culture show affection towards each other?

No, African culture is not particularly affectionate to other cultures.

Culture is an integrated and interrelated whole which means that?

Culture is an integrated and interrelated whole, which means that if you change one part of a culture, you could significantly affect other parts of the culture, or even the culture as a whole. Language is considered to be the most important symbolic aspect of culture.

How does Chinese culture influence other cultures?

by influencing silk and other products

How is language used differently in different cultures?

We can teach other's culture and language by showing our cultures and language.