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It has one bell

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you stupid

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Q: How many bells does San Carlos Borromeo de camelo have?
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How many liberty bells have there been?

Not many people know this but out of all the liberty bells (replicas&original) their are actually two original bells. The one that sit's in independence hall in philadelphia and another one that sit's in a small, uknown to many, town in Illinois. The liberty bell in Illinois is about 10-14 years older than the one in independence hall.

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it took up to 8 years for Lincoln to become president :)

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What does native American armbands mean?

Modern native men's dance costumes often feature arm bands with bells, ribbons, strips of fur, feathers and beadwork. These are simply part of the "tradition" in dance costumes that has grown up since the early 20th century. Historically, arm bands were far less frequently worn and were generally of metal, obtained from white traders simply to look impressive. I have many 19th century photographs of Crow warriors wearing these arm bands which are probably of brass or copper. Naturally, before white traders arrived in the Crow country, such arm bands were completely unknown. Looking for a meaning in purely native costume items is one thing, but when it comes to trade items the only meaning is that they appealed to the natives - as did silver concho disks, hoop earrings, mirrors and military sabres. See links below for images: