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Quanah Parker had 8 wives and 27 children. He actually even married his mother, or it is said he did, because of the Comanche tradition.

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Quanah Parker had seven wives and twenty four children.

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The answer is 27 children!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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Q: How many children did quanah Parker have?
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How many wives did Comanche Chief Quanah Parker have?

8 Did you know:Comanche Chief Quanah Parker was the father of 27 children.

How many children did Cynthia Ann Parker have?

Cynthia Ann Parker had three children, the famed chief Quanah Parker, a son named Peanuts and a daughter named Topsannah.

When did quanah Parker die the Comanche?

Quanah Parker died in February 1911.

Was Fess Parker a descendant of Quanah Parker?


How do you pronounce the name Quanah Parker?

The name Quanah Parker is pronounced as "KWAH-nuh PARK-er".

Why is quanah Parker famous for Texas?

quanah Parker became the last chief of the quahidi Comanche Indians and was also friends with many presadents

Were was quanah Parker born?


Where did quanah Parker surrender?

no, he was killed

When did quanah Parker live?

Quanah Parker was born sometime between 1845 and 1852. Noone knows for sure. He died in 1911.

Where did Quanah Parker live?

Quanah Parker lived in a land once known as Comancheria. He was a member of the Comanche band. Within the Comanche band there are many groups. As a young boy Quanah Parker belonged to the Nocona group, Nocona, which means "one who travels and returns." During his youth Quanah Parker was a part of many groups within the Comanche band. He soon became the leader of the Kwahadi (Quohada) group, Kwahadi, means "one who follows the antelope." Quanah Parker and his group of Kwahadi were the last of the Comanche band to come into the reservation at Fort Sill. Fort Sill reservation was apart of Indian Territory, which later became the state of Oklahoma.

When Did Quanah Parker Die?

He died in 1912 or 1911.

Is Quanah Parker a guy or a girl?

He's a male