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Virginia has 11 United States congressional districts. It also has two United States senators. That makes a total of 13 US Congresspeople.

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Q: How many congressmen does Virginia have?
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How many congressmen determined in the Virginia plan?

the number of congressmen was to be determined by the population of the state.

The number of congressmen was based on what in Virginia?

The number of congressmen for each state was based on population.

How many congressman determind Virginia Plan?

there were 2houses 3 branches and 3 congressmen hope it helped!

How were the congressmen determined in the Virginia Plan?

The Population of the state.

How many Congressmen does Connecticut have?

Connecticut has 2 Senators and 5 Congressmen.

How many times can congressmen be reelcted?

Congressmen can be reelected an infinite amount of times. There is no limit to how many terms they can serve.

How many Congressmen are up for relection in 2012?

All of them. Congressmen are elected for two year terms.

How many congressmen does MS have?

Mississippi has two senators. Based on population, there are four representatives, or congressmen.

How many congressmen are there in Nevada?


There can be no more than how many congressmen in the house of representatives?

There can be no more than 435 congressmen in the House of Representitives.

How many congressmen are there in the state of California?

California currently has 53 US Congressmen and 80 State Assemblymen.

How many congressmen are from Washington DC?