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26 schools named after african americans

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Q: How many schools in duval county are named after African Americans?
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What president gave Florida back to Spain even after Jackson had overthrown the Spanish geverment?

There are two problems with this question: First, Florida (east and west) have been a part of the US since 1821 when Spain ceded it in under the administration of President James Monroe through The Adams-Onís Treaty of 1819 (named for Secretary of State John Quincy Adams and Spanish Foreign Minister Luis de Onís who negotiated the treaty). Second, Andrew Jackson did nothing in Florida other than to lead military units against the Seminoles during the First Seminole War. President Monroe sent Jackson to lead actions against the Seminole in December 1817, and to prevent slaves running to freedom in Florida. Jackson exceeded his orders and messaged Monroe: "the possession of the Floridas would be desirable to the United States, and in sixty days it will be accomplished." Historians assert that Monroe's directives to Jackson were purposefully vague to provide him plausible deniability on the international stage. Jackson never personally claimed any land for the US. The only states that were admitted to the union during Jackson's presidency (1829-1837) were Arkansas (15 June 1836), and Michigan (26 January 1837). While the argument can be made that President Monroe intended for Jackson to be significantly annoying to the Spanish in Florida with the intent of acquiring the territory, the land of Florida was never given back to Spain or any other nation once it was acquired by the US.

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That depends entirely on which Duval County you are requesting information about. There are two Duval Counties in various states across the US. According to, the 2007 estimated total population of each of these Du Counties and which state they are located in are listed alphabetically as follows:# Duval County, Florida: 849,159 # Duval County, Texas: 12,187

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Duval County, FL is in the 3rd district, which is represented by Corrine Brown (D).

Where is Duval located exactly?

Duval county is located in Florida USA and was founded in 1822. The county was named after the late William Pope DuVal who lived from the years 1822 to 1834.

When was Broward County Public Schools created?

Miami-Dade County Schools had 368,933 students in 2004. According to 2006 Department of Education statistics.

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Jacksonville Florida is Duval County. Area Code 904.

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The phone number of the Duval County Museum is: 361-279-2597.

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The motto of Charlotte Catholic High School is 'You can't beat us, we've got Jesus'.

Who founded jacksonvile?

William Pope Duval founded Jacksonville in 1793. William later died in 1854. After his death they named a county after him. Called Duval County.