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There are two problems with this question:

First, Florida (east and west) have been a part of the US since 1821 when Spain ceded it in under the administration of President James Monroe through The Adams-Onís Treaty of 1819 (named for Secretary of State John Quincy Adams and Spanish Foreign Minister Luis de Onís who negotiated the treaty).

Second, Andrew Jackson did nothing in Florida other than to lead military units against the Seminoles during the First Seminole War. President Monroe sent Jackson to lead actions against the Seminole in December 1817, and to prevent slaves running to freedom in Florida. Jackson exceeded his orders and messaged Monroe: "the possession of the Floridas would be desirable to the United States, and in sixty days it will be accomplished." Historians assert that Monroe's directives to Jackson were purposefully vague to provide him plausible deniability on the international stage. Jackson never personally claimed any land for the US. The only states that were admitted to the union during Jackson's presidency (1829-1837) were Arkansas (15 June 1836), and Michigan (26 January 1837).

While the argument can be made that President Monroe intended for Jackson to be significantly annoying to the Spanish in Florida with the intent of acquiring the territory, the land of Florida was never given back to Spain or any other nation once it was acquired by the US.

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Q: What president gave Florida back to Spain even after Jackson had overthrown the Spanish geverment?
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Who is the president for Florida?

No native of Florida has ever been President, but Andrew Jackson had been Governor of Florida when it was a Territory.

What president was the first territorial governor of Florida?

Andrew Jackson was the first territorial governor of Florida.

Andrew Jackson was sent by President Monroe into Florida to attack the .?


What did president Monroe order Andrew Jackson to do in 1818?

In 1817-1818, President Monroe orders Jackson to chase raiding Seminole Indians back into Florida, but not to invade Florida. Instead, Jackson invaded Florida, captured military forts, executed two British subjects for stirring up Indian attacks, and replaced the Spanish governor. Many members of Monroe's cabinet believed that Jackson should have been court-martialed for his actions in Florida. With that said, the Secretary of State, John Quincy Adams, saved the day for Jackson and it was ruled that Jackson had acted in self defense in Florida.

Which member of President Monroe's cabinet supported Andrew Jackson's adventures in Florida?

john calhoun

Was Michael Jackson buried in Florida?

No Michael Jackson was not buried in Florida

Andrew Jackson was sent by president monroe to attack who?

Jackson went to Florida to stop the Seminoles from running across the border to make raids and then escape back into Florida for safety. He also wanted to stop the runaway slaves who had a fort in Florida and did the muich same as the Seminoles.

Who was the president during the Jackson era?

The president during the Jackson era was President Andrew Jackson.

Why did president Monroe send Andrew Jackson to Georgia?

Andrew Jackson was sent to Georgia to chase a tribe of Seminole Indians back into Florida who had been raiding and damaging plantations because there were no rich people or plantations in the Spain territory of Florida.

Indians of Florida who were defeated by Jackson?

The Seminole Indians of Florida were defeated by Andrew Jackson.

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The father of President Andrew Jackson was... Andrew Jackson. Father died the year of President Jackson;s birth: 1767.

Were there wars when Jackson was president?

No- the US was not at war while Jackson was President.