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about 5000

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Q: How many slaves were to be admitted into old northwest?
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The old Northwest was divided into what?

The Northwest territory was divided into uniform townships and sections. The Northwest territory lasted from 1787 to 1803 when it was then admitted into the US.

How many slaves out of 100 lived to be 60 years old?


Increasing farm production in the old northwest helped create?

gain elevator

What was one of the most farsighted provisions of the northwest ordinance of 1787?

prohibited slavery in the old northwest

What would happen if slaves were too old to work?

What Happened If Slaves Were Too Old To Work?Slaves who were too old to work were given lesser duties such as cooking or tending to gardens. On a general basis slaves were in great physical shape because of the hard work they did and had longevity on their side.You honestly think slavery, which is founded on an evil belief of racial supremacy, would treat old slaves benevolently all the time? I think its safe to say that many slavers would gradually starve old slaves to death and I'm sure some had them shipped out somewhere and shot.

How old where the slaves?

the slaves where all types of agesthe slaves where all types of agesthe slaves where all types of agesthe slaves where all types of ages

Where did slavery from?

It is almost as old as the oldest profession. Many countries had slaves. From Roman through the Congo and Thailand.

Where did they get the first slaves from?

Slavery is very old and many slaves were warriors, their wives and children taken after they lost a battle. It has been found everywhere in the world at one time or another.

What encouraged the settlement of the old northwest?

cheaper land

What is another name for the US Midwest?

The Old Northwest

Why did many former slaves leave their old plantations after the civil war?

Many former slaves left their old plantations after the Civil War so they could experience freedom that the war brought to them. They wanted to know what it was like to go wherever they wanted, without having to get permission from an owner.

Who were the slaves slaves?

The Old Testament stated that in Egypt, the Pharoh had slaves, also known as the isrealites, working on his pyrimids. These slaves were later saved by Moses.