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11 if I remember correctly

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Q: How many times has Lincoln been buried?
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How many times has Lincoln been president?

twice in 1860 and 1864 and won both times.

How many times was Elvis Presley buried?


How many times has P resident Lincolns coffins been move?

At one point in his death Lincoln was buried in the basement of his tomb with pieces of wood stacked on top of him. Each time he was moved his coffin was opened. The last time was in the early 1900's. Totally he was unburied for over 35 years and probably moved 10-15 times.

How many f words are in the movie buried?

The f word and its derivatives are used 40 times throughout Buried (2010).

Who was buried in the Shroud of Turin cloth?

Strictly speaking, no one was ever buried in the Shroud of Turin, since it has been shown conclusively to be a medieval fraud, in fact one of several such cloths that were venerated in earlier times. However, many Catholics still believe that Jesus was buried in the Shroud.

How many times was Abraham Lincolns body moved after he died?

The coffin itself has been opened 5 times: December 21, 1865, September 19, 1871, October 9, 1874, April 14, 1887, and September 26, 1901. In 1876 thieves tried to steal the remains and hold them for ransom. Abraham Lincoln's coffin has been moved 17 times, mostly due to numerous reconstructions of the Lincoln Tomb and fears for the safety of the President's remains. In 1900 Lincoln's coffin was buried in a huge cage 10 feet deep and then encased in four thousand pounds of concrete to prevent another attempt to rob the grave.

How many times was Lincoln voted in as president?


How many times was president Lincoln shot at and missed?

None, John Wilkes Booth was so close it would have been near impossible to miss.

Who was the first person to be put in a sarcophagus?

Mostly Egyptian Pharaoh's were buried in sarcophagi.

How many times did Abraham Lincoln move?

he moved 3 times when he was a young boy.

How many times did US President Lincoln have the body of his son Willie exhumed?

President Lincoln had the body of his son Willie exhumed two times.

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The amount of people that were buried in one hole at the Egyptian times when they were poor is not stated. It is stated that the rich people in the Egyptian times were buried in burial chambers.