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he was punished in school for his mis behavior by being forced to read the constitution and it was FRICKEN AWESOME

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Q: How was thurgood marshalls childhood?
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What was thurgood marshalls childhood hardships?


What was Thurgood Marshalls Faviroitre Color?

thurgood marshall favorite color was blue

What was thurgood marshalls education?

Thurgood Marshall attended a black segregated school

Was thurgood marshalls life interesting?

No no it wasnt

What is thurgood marshalls sons names?

Mike and Shane

What was thurgood marshalls hometown like after he had kids?


What was thurgood marshalls favorite sport?

soccer or Baseball

What were thurgood marshalls careers?

Thurgood Marshall's careers were an attorney and A Supreme Court Justice .

What thurgood marshalls known for?

for being the first African American justice of the supreme court

How was thurgood marshalls position of status propelled by brown vs board of education?

future position of status

Where was thurgood marshall childhood?

it was in baltimore, maryland

Who is Thurgood Marshalls mother?

thurgood marshall's parents name his mother's name is norma arica his father is william canifield marshall