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government officials and Confusion scholars

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Q: In China members of the gentry included?
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Which of the following groups belonged to China's gentry class?

Members of the gentry included Confucian scholars, government officials, landlords, and rich merchants.

Who are the members of Montgomery Gentry?

members of Eddmongomery gentry are eddie mongomery & trou gentry...

What kind of Buddhism were the members of elite china attracted to?

"Gentry Buddhism" appealed to the elite as an alternative to Confucianism and Daoism.

Who was in the gentry class?

The gentry class typically included landed proprietors, wealthy merchants, professionals, and clergy in medieval and early modern Britain. They were a social class below the nobility but above the commoners, known for their wealth, education, and land ownership.

What has the author Fei Hsiao-Tung written?

Fei Hsiao-Tung has written: 'China's gentry'

In China to which social class did merchants government officials landlords and scholars belong?

Aristocracy Gentry.

In China which social class did merchants government officials landlords and Confucian scholars belong to?

Aristocracy Gentry.

What are the contributions of china?

China's contributions included giving porcelain (porcelain china) and cloth.

Using the Chinese gentry who established a new royal court at Beijing and brought in foreign merchants and scholars to China?

china has been around since 50 000 bc

Are there Lesbian in china?

There are lesbians in every country in the world. China included.

What were the class of people in china who controlled much of the land in the countryside and produced most of the candidates for the civil service called?


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