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Q: What nickname does Troy Gentry of Montgomery Gentry have?
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What is Montgomery gentry's full name?

Montgomery Gentry is a country music duo made up of Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry. Their full names are Eddie Lee Montgomery and Troy Lee Gentry.

Does troy gentry sing or play guitar in the band Montgomery gentry?

He does both. Eddie Montgomery does the ballad-style talking parts in the songs, Troy Gentry sings mostly back-up and duos with EM on the choruses.

What is the birth name of Troy Gentry?

Troy Gentry's birth name is Troy Lee Gentry.

When was Montgomery Gentry created?

Montgomery Gentry was created in 1999.

What nicknames does Troy Gentry go by?

Troy Gentry goes by T-Roy.

When was Where I Come From - Montgomery Gentry song - created?

Where I Come From - Montgomery Gentry song - was created on 2011-07-25.

When was Gone - Montgomery Gentry song - created?

Gone - Montgomery Gentry song - was created on 2004-11-15.

When was Speed - Montgomery Gentry song - created?

Speed - Montgomery Gentry song - was created on 2002-12-30.

When was Troy Gentry born?

Troy Gentry was born on April 5, 1967, in Lexington, Kentucky, USA.

Is Bobbie Gentry related to Montgomery Gentry?

She is not related to either member of Montgomery Gentry. Her birth name was Roberta Lee Streeter.She took the stage name Gentry after seeing Jennifer Jones in the film, Ruby Gentry.

Who are the members of Montgomery Gentry?

members of Eddmongomery gentry are eddie mongomery & trou gentry...

What was Montgomery Gentry's original name?