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low level of prejudice

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Q: In a society where groups interact closely on a basis of equality there tends to be?
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What are the tribal groups who interact with the Indian society in the medieval period of ancient India?

the varnas are the tribal groups who interact with the indian society

Which groups in society do you think you might have supported communism?

Some groups in society that may have supported communism in the past include industrial workers, peasants, marginalized minorities, and intellectuals seeking greater equality and social justice. These groups may have been attracted to the promises of economic equality, collective ownership of resources, and the potential for social change offered by communist ideologies.

What is meant by a pillarized society?

A pillarized society refers to a social structure where different religious or ideological groups exist separately and have their own institutions and organizations. These pillars often coexist but do not necessarily interact closely with each other, leading to a fragmented society.

How do democracy accommodate different social groups?

Democracy accommodates different social groups by providing equality to all in terms of economic, political and social life. A democratic government also makes several provisions for the weaker sections of the society, such as the introduction of reservations in education etc. Hence, a democracy involves not only the strong groups of the society, but also the weak groups. (From merit nation)

What is a sentence for sociological?

Sociological research examines patterns of behavior within society to understand how individuals and groups interact.

What are three major groups of players that interact in the financial market?

Brokers, agents and financial advisors are the three groups that mainly interact in the financial market.

How are special rights different from civil rights?

Civil rights are about equality for a certain group or groups. "Special rights" is a term used by those who oppose equality for certain groups.

What social problem?

a social problem is any condition that harms a society.

Which of these groups was most closely associated with the Crusades?


How do Middle Eastern ethnic groups interact?

The same as you do. What did you expect?

What groups have been seeking social equality through various means?

Many groups have been seeking social equality. Some that come to mind are African Americans, women, and people who are gay or lesbian.

What is the different Diversity and Equality?

Equality is everyone having the same rights, privileges and access. Diversity is the representation of a variety of different groups.