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kickapoo men wore breech cloth and leggins

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Q: In the native American tribe the Kickapoo what did men wear?
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What does the kickapoo tribe wear?

my ball sack

What type of jewelry did the Kickapoo Texas Indian tribe wear?


What did the Onondaga tribe wear?

The Oneida is a Native American tribe and they wear traditional Oneidaian clothing that looks similar to many other traditional Native American clothing.

Did native American chiefs all wear the same headresses?

No.they wore the headress that matched their tribe

Did different native American tribes wear the same thing?

Some tribe do. men in many tribes wore BREECHCLOTHS.

What do the men of Cherokee tribe wear?

T-shirts, jeans, underwear...This is the modern age, and few Native American tribes still wear their traditional garb.

What did the Southern Paiute Native American tribe wear?

pee and poopie clothes that belonged on my brother jerry her number is 1760-921- 8316

What do Native Americans wear and why?

There are hundreds of Native American Cultures. They range from California to Maine and from Alaska to Panama. These cultures can be as different as African Cultures are from Inuit Cultures. If you want to learn about Native Americans and how they dressed you should pick a specific Native American Tribe to learn about and then another to compare to. Here is a link to help you on your quest for information. So, your question is "What do Native Americans wear and why?" I am wearing a hoody and jeans today because it's cold outside.

What do you call the parts of the traditional Native American costume?

It depends on the specific tribe you are talking about. Every Native American group is a distinct culture with its own traditions and clothing. The term costume is also slightly disrespectful...

What type of clothing did the American's wear?

Native Americans had they own different types of styles for their specific tribe. Some clothing were made from buffalo or deer hides, from tree bark and feathers.

Did Native American men wear beads?


What do native Indian American woman wear?

they were skirts and leggings