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Seminole Indians

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Q: Indian tribe whoses name means runaway?
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What Indian tribe whose name means runaway?

The Seminole tribe's name has this meaning.

Which Indian tribe was called the southerners?

Shawnee means southerners Shawnee means southerners

What does the Indian tribe Makah's name mean?

Makah means "generous with food".

How did the Mohawk Indian tribe get their name?

mohawk in iriquois means "flesh eater"

What does quilette mean?

Quilette is the Indian tribe that Jacob is from. I'm not sure what it means.....

Was North Dakota named after an Indian tribe?

Yes, North Dakota is named for the Dakota Sioux tribe. Dakota means "allies".

Were the Inca's an Indian tribe?

Yes the Incas were an Indian Tribe.

What are the native Americans of Colorado river?

Ten tribes occupy Indian reservations with rights to the Colorado River: the Chemehuevi Indian Tribe; the Cocopah Indian Community; the Colorado River Indian Tribes, the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe; the Jicarilla Apache Tribe, the Navajo Nation, the Northern Ute Tribe, the Quechan Indian Tribe of the Fort Yuma Reservation, the Southern Ute Indian Tribe, and the Ute Mountain Ute Indian Tribe.

What is a name of a hawaiian indian tribe?

There is no such thing as a Hawaiian Indian tribe.

How was the cahto Indian tribe organized?

how was the cahto Indian tribe organized

What Indian tribe befriended Champlain?

The name of the indian tribe was the iroquios

What is Mohegan Indian Tribe's motto?

The motto of Mohegan Indian Tribe is ''.