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i see it as both an attitude and term.

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Q: Is the American dream a real term or attitude?
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Is the American dream a term or an attitude?

The American dream is based off of how far a man's manhood and vision can combine to make him. Haha, manhood

What does art is an attitude of the mind mean in relation to surrealism?

Surrealism is a definition of something unreal the term can be used in a dream, nightmare or a piece of art that you wouldn't see in real life

Who coined the term American Dream?

Benjamin Franklin

Is the American Dream then and the American Dream now the same?

Yes. The term "American dream" is used in many ways, but it essentially is an idea that suggests that anyone in the US can succeed through hard work and has the potential to lead a happy, successful life. This idea hasn't changes throughout time therefore has stayed the same now and then. :)

The term The American Dream was coined in a book by?

James Truslow Adams

On what page in James Truslow Adam's The Epic of America was the term 'American Dream' explained?

The term "American Dream" is explained in the epilogue of his book "Epic of America". It starts on page 412 and on page 415 the term is mentioned the first time... ;)

What attitude does Crevecoeur seem to express about America?

Michel Guillaume Jean de Cr�vecìur was a French writer. He was of the opinion that America was filled with people who were trustworthy, optimistic and hard workers. He often used the term "American dream" to describe living in America.

What is the difference between behavior and attitude?

Behavior is a term for What you do. Attitude is a term for the way you feel about something.

Why is the entitled laarni a dream?

"Entitled Laarni" can be seen as a dream because it represents a desire or aspiration that may not be fully grounded in reality. It could reflect a sense of entitlement or unrealistic expectations that one has. The term "dream" here is used metaphorically to describe the fantasy-like nature of Laarni's entitled attitude.

What is the meaning for konthan in Malayalam?

Kerala girls' term for boys who are shy to approach girls, but dream them and show eccentricities towards them. But, they want real boys. A term of recognition, and frustration on their part.

What does it mean when someone has a flip attitude?

This is probably a corruption of the term "flippant attitude". An attitude that is disrespectfully light-hearted or lacking appropriate seriousness.

What does the term qua stand for?

The term "qua" is a conjugation term that is Latin in origin. It means "in the capacity of" or "as a". For example, "I am denying that a dream qua dream".