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I suspect that it is, but can not find empirical evidence, as I have sought to find the true answer of this question myself.

What is known is that due to the pigment, blacks take less sun damage, thus black skin wrinkles less than white skin.

I am not a racist by my definition. Yours may vary. I think there are differences between the races, but give everybody an individual evaluation. I have always been extremely inquisitive and notice much that others might not. This leads me to questions like this. I'm going to say some truths that are uncomfortable for some to hear.

1. Though the common saying is the only difference is the color of one's skin, this is not true. This is a foolish way to try to minimize racial differences. It is not helpful because we all know there are many differences between races than skin color and it leaves people either having to accept a lie, or leaving them on their own anger of being told that lie, possibly leading them to be racists.

2. Blacks have thicker, kinky hair.

3. Blacks have different shaped craniums. This is actually how scientist define the races - by skull shape. By the way there are only three races - Caucasoid (White), Mongoloid (Asian), and Negroid (Black).

4. Races are subject to their own diseases such as Sickle Cell, Psarcoidosis, etc.

5. The term "ashy" refers to the fact that blacks suffer from chronic dry skin. They also suffer from very dry scalps. This could mean it is thicker, thus making moisture hard to reach the most outer part.

6. Blacks have scientifically measured, smaller brains on average than other races. Big faces, small skull caps. They are closer to the location of the origin of man and have had less environmental pressure to have as many adaptations as other races have had.

7. American blacks have been bred by slave owners to select for certain genetic traits. Slaves were used for work and fighting. They were bred like livestock to develop certain traits. Tough skin was one of those for the fighting blacks. Size and muscularity were also bred for traits. This is one of the reason they are dominant in sports. Sports commentator Jimmy The Greek was fired for stating this truth.

8. All humans are a species of animal.

9. We document animal differences among different breeds, which if they weren't animals other than humans, we might call races.

10. Your personality and social characteristics are due in part due to your physical structure and chemical balance. This is why we can easily pick up a book that tells us what to expect from say a breed of Cocker Spaniel vs. say the breed of Labrador Retriever. They can breed and reproduce with each other, which defines the same species. However we further define the breed. We are afraid to admit that there are predictable differences between races of people.

11. Many will say if you say there are differences such as thicker skin on blacks than whites, then you are racist. If you are like me, you just want to understand all that you can know about your world and you have questions.

12. I think scientist downplay and do not document such differences due to social pressure. It is hard to find. Look at the uproar and death threats from the scientific evidence that The Bell Curve studies showed on brain size.

13. It is understandable that sometimes truths might be hard to take, like we as a race have smaller brains on average, and that this information will fuel racist to be...well...racists. That leaves us with a choice.

14. The choice is to suppress truths, because we are not adult enough to handle them, or to state known facts and educate people to celebrate differences, and that even differences perceived as negative are negligible and on average, and that individuals may differ from the average. Asians are generally short but Yao Min is very tall. Treat all as individuals. All possibilities exist.

15. So the short answer, it is hard to find the answer because it's not the kind of answer the public wants to have in their politically correct knowledge base. Good luck, and when you find a credible medical establishment siting empirical evidence about it, please let us all know.

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Q: Is white peoples skin thicker than black peoples skin?
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