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Stephen Douglas

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Q: Lincoln's debates with this man over the question of slavery became popular nationwide?
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Who won the election in Lincoln-Douglas Debates?

Douglas. But Lincoln had gotten Douglas staked out to some positions perceived as pro-slavery in their debates, and this hurt Douglas in 1860 when they opposed each other for president. Douglas was hurt worse in 1860 by the divisions in the Democratic Party, though, which saw southern Democrats nominate and run John C. Breckenridge, and a breakaway faction nominate and run John Bell. So the Democrats divided their vote three ways in 1860, and Lincoln "won" with less than 40% of the popular vote.

Abraham Lincoln favored popular soveringty?

Lincoln became famous for arguing against popular sovereignty.

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What was the main focus of the lincoln-douglas debates?

In 1858, former US representative Abraham Lincoln (then little-known outside of Illinois) ran for a US Senate seat against the Democratic incumbent, Stephen A. Douglas. They held 7 scheduled debates, one in each of the districts in which neither had already campaigned. These were held between August 21 and October 15, 1858. The response by the public was arguably meaningless, since (at that time) the Illinois legislature elected the state's senators. (This was changed by the 17th amendment in 1913.) Lincoln, the Republican candidate, lost the election but his arguments were well-received by the audiences. He collected the transcribed texts into a book, which also became popular, leading to his nomination for President in 1860.

Who ran for President against Abraham Lincoln?

In the 1860 election he was opposed by John C. Breckinridge, John Bell and Stephen A. Douglas. In 1864 George B McClellan represented the Democratic Party. A series of debates to the 1858 Senate election for illinois. Slavery and "popular sovereignty" and states rights were the issues that wre discussed. Doughlas defeated Lincon for the Senate seat but couldn't do the same trick for the presiential election.

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It raised the issue of local voting on the slave question (Popular Sovereignty), which was defended by Illinois Senator Stephen Douglas in his high-profile debates with Lincoln, who was against any extension of slavery. These debates brought Lincoln to public attention for the first time.

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