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Lincoln gained much needed voter support in the 1864 election after the fall of Atlanta. This happened right before the presidential vote.

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Q: Lincoln gained much needed voter support in the 1864 election after?
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Why did the southern states began seceding from the Union?

The immediate trigger was the election of Lincoln as the first president from the newly-formed Republican party, which favoured tariffs on imported goods (which the South needed most), and did not want to allow any more slave-states.

Why did some southern states decided to leave the union?

Abraham Licoln won the election and the Southerns did not like Abraham Lincoln beacause he didn't like slavery and he wante dto end slavery.The southerns needed slave but he felt that it was wrong and unfair.

Election of 1860?

The presidential election this year was one of the most provoked one that we have had so far. The nation is still very shaken up about the slavery divisions. As you know the South and the North had been very interested in slavery. The Southerns were very aggravated. They needed their slaves. he North didn't. This year The Democratic Party has split up among us. Dougless routed for the Northern half of out nation and John C. Breckinridge had routed for the southerners.Lincoln had gained fame in his loss in the run for the Senate. With the Senate split people also broke and split. There were always more voters in the North then the South.

What was the fate of the wade Davis bill?

It was ppocket Vetoed by President Lincoln [;

General Sherman marched his army from Chattanooga toward?

Atlanta. This was not meant to be his objective. Grant had simply told him to destroy the Army of Tennessee, but he had not managed to achieve this. Meanwhile it was election year, and Lincoln needed some victories in a hurry. So Sherman took Atlanta, and the North felt a bit less war-weary.

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To win the election of 1840 William Harrison needed the support of who?


Why was Abraham Lincoln afraid to alienate the large numbers of northerners?

He needed their support to win the war against the south.

What number of electoral votes was needed to win the election of 1824?

There were 303 electoral votes available, so 152 were needed to win. Abraham Lincoln received 180, which was more than enough to win.

What three things are needed for an election?

There are many things needed for an election. The first of these reasons being a reason for a held election.

To win the election of 1840 William Henry Harrison needed the support of?

the Whig Party and its voters. He also needed the support of farmers and laborers who had been hit hard by the economic depression at the time. Harrison focused his campaign on portraying himself as a war hero and a man of the people, appealing to these groups for their support.

The election of 1948 demonstrated that a good poll needed what?

The election of 1948 demonstrated that a good poll needed a later sample.

Is it true that As the 1864 election approached President Lincoln grew nervous and knew he needed a major victory to secure enough votes?

Lincoln was indeed fearful of losing the 1964 election. There were a large number of people who favored a truce to stop the war. One thing he did was to arrange for union soldiers to come home briefly to vote, so far as it was possible.

What issue almost cause South Carolina to secede from the union?

Tariffs on imports, which the South needed, having so little industry. Later, South Carolina became the first state to secede, following Lincoln's election on a ticket of no new slave-states.

What did the 1936 election demonstrate that a good poll needed?

The election of 1948 demonstrated that a good poll needed a later sample.

Where did the southern states decided to secede?

The disagreement about whether or not it was ok to keep slaves is the reason the South seceded formally from the Union of States. The Civil War began because the South wanted to keep their slaves, but the North was trying to do away with the practice.

How many electoral votes did Abraham Lincoln have?

In the 1860 US Presidential Election, Abraham Lincoln won 180 of a possible 303 electoral votes. He needed a simple majority, or 152 votes, to win the election. The candidate with the 2nd most electoral votes was John C. Breckinridge, who captured 72 electoral votes. In the 1860 election, Lincoln's primary support base was the Northeast and the Midwest, which accounted for nearly all of his electoral votes. His competitor Breckinridge collected most of the Southern votes.

The Emancipation Proclamation signed by President Lincoln freed?

Only the slaves in the southern, seceded states. He needed the support of northern slaveholding states to win the Civil War.