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There are many capitals in the United States that were named after famous people. Raleigh, North Carolina was named for Sir Walter Raleigh. Montgomery, Alabama was named for Richard Montgomery. Frankfort, Kentucky was named for Stephen Frank. Annapolis, Maryland was named after Princess Anne of Denmark and Norway. St. Paul, Minnesota was named for the Apostle Paul.

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Q: List five state capitals named for famous people?
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Are state capitals named for people?


What are the 2 state capitals named after executed people?

St Paul is one

What state capitals in Australia were named after queens?

No Australian state capitals were named after queens.The states of Victoria and Queensland were named after Queen Victoria.

Why are state capitals named state capitals?

you know about "capital" letters, right? well, capital means "the highest" and a state capital is the biggest, most important part of the state.

What two state capitals were named after the who discovered America?

Columbus and Columbia

How many state capitals are named after US vice-presidents?

Jefferson city

What is the number of states with the capitals with the same name?

Oklahoma City is named after its state: Oklahoma, as well as Indianapolis being named after its state: Indiana.

What 4 state capitals are named after presidents?

There are four state capitals that are named after US presidents. They are Madison, WI, Jefferson City, MO, Jackson, MS, and Lincoln, NE.

Name two state capitals that contain a name of a US President?

Two state capitals that have United States Presidents in their name are Jefferson City, MO and Lincoln, NE. Madison, WI and Jackson, MS are two more capitals named for Presidents.

How many state capitals are there in the US?

There are 50 state capitals in the US.

What us state has t6he capital montpelier?

Vermont. There are other states with cities named Montpelier, but those aren't capitals.

Which state capitals in the Midwest region are named for which President of the US?

Jefferson City, MO , Madison, WI Jackson, MS , and Lincoln, Nebraska are named for US presidents,