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The early English settlers profited mostly from agriculture.

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Q: List some of the major differences between the early English settlements at Virginia?
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Indicate the similarities and differences among the southern colonies of Virginia Maryland North Carolina South Carolina and Georgia?

2 differences between the 2 colonies are Georgia was founded in 1732 and Virginia was founded in 1607. Georgia was founded by James Oglethrope and Virginia was founded by The London Company during the reign of James I. 2 similarities are Georgia and Virginia were both founded by the British. Georgia was founded at the end of the cycle (13 original colonies only) and Virginia was the first to be founded.

Did europeans settle most of the new world between 1500 and1770?

Many European settlements did occur between the years 1500 and 1770. However, most of the European migration and settlement happened between the 1640s and 1770, as English began to settle the islands in the New World.

Which is the most accurate assessment of political differences between the colonies in 1700?

rhode island had a charter goverment.. plato lol

The basic Cause of conflict between Native Americans and the English colonists was religious differences?

No. It was competition over land. Religion did play a large factor into how the English colonists regarded native Americans, pretty much the English considered them barbarians, uncultured, etc.

What happened between the Native Americans and the English settlers after Lord De La Warr arrived in 1610?

The Native Americans and the English settlers after Lord De La Warr arrived in 1610 negatively affected relations. The hopes of an alliance between the Powhatan and the Virginia settlers was revoked.

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What are the differences between Virginia and New York?

There is never a time difference between Virginia and New York.

What are the similarities between the Roanoke and Jamestown?

both english settlements

What were the main differences between the French and Spanish expeditions to the Americas?

spanish established more settlements

What was the differences between Plymouth and Virginia colonies?

They are different states.

What is the connection between Roanoke and Jamestown?

both were English coloniesboth had a short supplies at one timeboth were funded but the Virginia Companyboth made early attempts of making colonial settlements

Differences between Italian and English education systems?

What is difference between English univerities and Italian universities

What was the difference between french and English settlements?

French settlements tended to focus on fur trading and establishing alliances with Native American tribes, while English settlements were more focused on agriculture and building permanent colonies. Additionally, French settlements were less densely populated and more reliant on the fur trade for economic success, while English settlements grew larger and more diverse over time.

What are the differences between urdu and English language?

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Whats the diffence between New England and virginia in 1630?

In the 1960's England and Virginia had a few differences. England did not have as much as Virginia.

What are the similarities and differences between the English and German?

I Love Dan!

What is the most significant difference between the northern and southern Carolina settlements?

One significant difference between the northern and southern Carolina settlements was their economic focus. The northern settlements, led by Virginia colonists, relied on tobacco cultivation for profit, while the southern settlements focused on rice cultivation and had a more diverse economy with plantations growing crops like indigo and cotton.