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the colonist wanted to be free and move toward the west

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Q: Many colonists wanted to separate themselves from England because?
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What was fought by the colonist before the Revolutionary War?

No one really fought the colonists because before the revolution, because the colonies were part of England. Only once the Colonists were independent, could they be called America. But the Colonists could have fought among themselves.

Who was known as the separatiests?

The Purtains were known as separatists because they wanted to separate themselves from the rites and services of the Church of England.

Why do you think colonists cinsidered themselves british subjects rather than Americans?

No, they acually didn't because they hated Britain and they wanted to be separate from them.

Why did the pilgrims or Separatists want to separate from the Angilcan Church?

The Pilgrims also known as Separatists or Puritans wanted religious freedom.

Why was the Declaration of Independence a necessary document for the founding of the new nation?

The Declaration of Independence was needed to stated the colonists independence from Britain and to make laws for the colonists government.

How did new England colonists feel about England trade rules?

Because they force slaves to work

Why were the colonists so against paying taxes to England?

because England kept raising taxes and putting taxes on new things and the colonists moved away from England to get away from high taxes

How did the colonists begain governing themselves?

it developed because the pilgrims came to the Americas, and later rebelled against new England causeing the revoulutionary warRead more: How_did_self_government_develop_in_the_early_colonies

Why was tea from England important to the colonists?

The colonists did not have good water available because it was usually contaminated. Tea was important because the colonists would heat the water up and tea acted as flavoring.

Why did some colonists stay loyal to England?

because they wanted to be free from britain.

Why were colonist angry that great Britain had hired greman mercianires?

Many of the colonists had very negative feelings because A. the German mercenaries had a reputation of ruthlessness and B. many colonists considered themselves British citizens, and were hurt that England would send foreign troops to attack them.

Why do the colonists have the right to declare independence?

They dont have a specific right, as citizens of Great Britian at the time, they were rebels. They fought in the revolution to free themselves, and it was a crime. The only reason that the United Sates is separate is because Britain surrendered.