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Q: Most of the American colonies were settled by groups of people who sought religious freedom?
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What was the reason the colonies settled?

Most of them settled in the colonies because of religious freedom

Which three colonies were settled for religious reasons?

The three colonies settled for religious reasons are Massachusetts (Pilgrims and Puritans seeking religious freedom), Pennsylvania (Quakers seeking religious tolerance), and Maryland (Catholics seeking refuge from persecution).

Which of the 13 colonies were founded for religious freedom?

Massachusets was settled by Puritans. Pennsyvania was settled by Quakers. Rhode Island was settled by Roger Williams who was pesecuted by the Puritans in Massachusets.

Why did Quakers come to settle in the American colonies?

they came because they wanted freedom. and they settled in massachusetts.

Was Roanoke settled for religious freedom?


What reason were the northern colonies initially settled?

Some were established to gain religious freedom, some were established as commercial ventures. Georgia was a prison colony, at least in part.

What are three reasons English settlers established colonies in America?

Religious freedom , money, and a new life are reasons colonists settled in America .

Why were massachusttes settled?

Massachusetts was settled by puritans looking for religious freedom.

Why was Plymouth settled?

Religious Freedom from Church of England

What was one factor that drew people settled in Pennsylvania?

William Penn, the founder, promised religious tolerance and freedom from religious persecution.

Why was New Hampshire first settled in the colonies?

for religios freedom

What type of people live in the New England colonies?

The official name for the type of people that settled in the New England Colonies were the Separatist Puritans, but we know them better as the Pilgrims. They left England to gain religious freedom for themselves and their families.