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Ethiopia and Liberia

well Italy did conquer Ethiopia later... and then claimed to be the Roman Empire again... so... don't say that Ethiopia wasn't conquered by Europe. Say that it wasn't conquered by Europe in the time of Imperialism (or the time of the Scramble for Africa)

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ethiopia! i know u guys need this question for ms fines extra credit haha i was here too guys! BEVERLY HIGH ALL THE WAY

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Q: One of only two African countries that remained free from European controlruled by menelik II from 1889 to 1913?
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How many European countries held African colonies by 1914?

7 European Countries were held African colonies by 1914.

Which west african country remained free in the era of european imperialism?

Liberia remained free as it was already an independent nation.

What two countries remained independent in Africa after the Berlin conference?

The two African countries that remained independent are Liberia and Ethiopia.

What 2 African countries remained independent during the colonial era?

The only two truly independent countries in Africa are South Africa and Ethiopia. However, Ethiopia in the one that is considered to be absolutely independent as it was never colonized.

What African countries remained independent after imperialism?

Ethiopia and Liberia

African countries which were colonised?

Almost all the African countries were colonized by European nations. Liberia and Ethiopia were the only countries that were not colonized.

3 European countries that controlled African countries?

France , Spain , UK

2 Which African countries remained independent during this time?

trick question none where

Why didnt European countries fight for their African colonies?

Post war countries were weakened.

What two African nations remained independent of European colonial rule at the end of the 1800s?

East Africa was able to resist European conquest

What Parts on the African Map Were claimed by European Countries?

All of Africa was claimed by European nations at one point or another; the only exceptions are Liberia and Ethiopia. Liberia was technically colonized by the United States and Ethiopia remained independent, although the nation was invaded by Italy.

Why were east African's too weak to resist European countries?

European countries had far move advanced weaponary and technology than the Africans had.