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The New Jersey Plan.

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Q: Plan proposed by the small states at the Constitutional Convention?
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A key issue of disagreement between the northern and southern states at the Constitutional Convention was?

The most serious disagreement in the debate between large and small states at the Constitutional Convention was the issue of representation. Small states feared that their voices would be lost if representatives were chosen based on population, while big states didn't think it was fair that the small states would have as much influence as they had.

Which plan introduced at the constitutional convention was also called the small state plan?

the New Jersey Plan

What was one of the delegates' first actions at the Constitutional Convention?

The delegates to the Constitutional Convention of 1787 accomplished a great deal during the first days of the event. First of all, George Washington was unanimously voted in as the first President of the United States. Next they developed a framework for the separation of government powers that resulted in the executive, legislative and judicial branches.

How was the problem between large states and small states resolved?

The Constitution solved the large state versus small state problem by establishing a bicameral legislature, with all states being equal in the higher house and small states having an edge in the lower house. It also helped by establishing the electoral college for electing presidents.

What was the Great Compromise primarily related to?

The Great Compromise, aka the Connecticut Compromise, was the deal reached at the Constitutional Convention dealing with how to have representation in the legislative branch. Big states wanted more seats, so they were for having representation based on how much population a state had. Small states wanted it to be equal. SO, the compromise was to have TWO legislative bodies... now known as the House of Representatives and the Senate. The House is based on population, so it favors big states like California.... The Senate is equal, so small states like Rhode Island are really more powerful in this one.

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What did George read do on the constitutional convention?

He championed the rights of the small states at the Constitutional Convention. At the convention he repersented Delaware. He also quoted Wright and Morris in their soldier- state men of the consitution.

What is reconciliation of the interests of the large and small states at the Constitutional Convention is referred to as?

Great Compromise

The great compromise reached at the constitutional convention focused on?

The main focus of the Great Compromise at the Constitutional Convention concerned how states were to be represented in the U.S. Congress. It is also referred to as Sherman's Compromise.

Which of these is a compromise of two proposals for representation that were presented to the Constitutional Convention?

The Connecticut Compromise -Apex

What is the goal of the constitution convention?

The goal of the constitutional convention was to bring equal rights to big states and small stated and that each person has equal rights

What was the great compromise and the constitutional convention?

The Constitutional convention and Compromises include the three-fifths compromise, the Great Compromise was between the small states, the Commerce Compromise, Slave Trade Compromise, and the election of the President.

Who created the compromise at the constitutional convention that addressed the concerns of both small large states about representation. who am i?

Roger Sherman

What was the name of the compromise that settled the dispute between big and small states over representation in Congress?

The constitutional convention

Who am I I created a compromise at the Constitutional Convention that addressed the concerns of both small and large states about representation.?

Roger Sherman

What states were allies in 1778 at the constitutional convention?

none of them were "allies." But overall, it was big verses small states for slave trade and representation issues.

Who was the delegate of the Constitutional Convention who proposed states be represented equally?

William Paterson, a delegate from New Jersey, proposed the Small States Plan or New Jersey Plan, to provide equal representation to the states regardless of size. The larger states favored the Virginia Plan, which allocated representation on the basis of population. The large and small states compromised by using the Virginia Plan as a model for the House of Representatives and the New Jersey Plan as a model for the US Senate.

What plans presented at the Constitutional Convention would be favored by small States.?

New Jersey Plan