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media elements

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Q: Producers achieve their goals through the use of?
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Is the process by which organizational goals are achieved through the use of organizational resources?

The goal development process is where organizational goals are written and organized. The goals are organized in order with long-term and shorter term goals that will be used to reach the long-term goals. Resources are listed with each goal, which will be used to achieve the goals.

In order to achieve their purposes the people who produce media text use tools called?

To achieve their goals, producers of media texts use tools such as cameras, editing software, sound equipment, lighting, and graphics design programs. These tools help them create engaging and impactful content that resonates with their target audience.

What methods did emmeline pankhurst use to achieve her goals?

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How did Adolph Hitler use propaganda and the media to achieve his desired goals?


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Dr. King wanted African Americans to use nonviolence to achieve their goals.

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my answer is yes but it we need them?.........what use do they have in life?.......can i achieve goals without them???????

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One of the key technologies which is helping achieve these goals is heterogeneous catalysis.

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motaivation and be determaine & work hard

Name four important goals that people can achieve thyrough the use of speech communication?

The four goals are: 1.Get 2.Your 3.Own 4.Answer

What is a plan designed to achieve a set of goals that are not likely to be repeated in the future?

Single use plan

Do producers use respiration?

Yes producers use respiration.