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making deals with party bosses

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Q: Progressive reformers tried to bypass urban political machines by?
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No, Arthur Ashe was not a homosexual, however was very sympathetic to the gay and lesbian community and argued in the defense of the lifestyles. Ashe contracted HIV through a blood transfusion he received during heart bypass surgery in the early 80s. He announced his disease in 1992, and died of AIDS-related pneumonia on February 6, 1993, leaving behind a wife and daughter.

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Arthur Ashe died from complications from HIV. He contracted it in the early 1980's, from a blood transfusion he received during a heart bypass surgery.

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Will history yiew us as we view Nazi GermanyWondering why or how they let it happen And how could we not know Bush Sr was CIA dir then VP then Pres Then sons pull bloodless coup steal election?

I'm unsure as to what your question is aimed at primarily. Nazi Germany would not appear, at first sight, to be comparable to the present day US. Or the US in any circumstance. I know governments have secrets. I know governments do bad things. But, and here's the rub, it's about a scale of badness, if you will. There is no measure of this, it's all about perception. But here I am with my fingers pressing keys on this keyboard & there's you reading the impression they make on your screen somewhere: Try doing that in the world of WW2, no, I don't mean in terms of technology, I mean that if the US is so terribly evil as to be compared as you seem to suggest, then your freedom to write & read such things would be seriously impaired. But you can read this. You are reading it now. I know that Democracy doesn't work. I know that life is unfair. And I have the freedom to say so here & now. Happy reading. You see you refer to the immorality of Bush father & son as US Presidents. But Clinton was on my TV saying ' I did not have sex with Miss Lewinsky' or similar words. I knew he was lying, I saw his lips move ! It is what Politicians do. It is what politics is. It doesn't make it right, it makes it wrong, but it is an inescapable part of life. Whoever you vote for the government will be elected and if you think for one moment that they will not be corrupt, in one way or another, then try again. But as I say it's all a matter of scale. Bush may well be less than 100% good, no question. But a comparison with Hitler, or Stalin for that matter, is not one that most people would subscribe to. And you cannot fool all of the people all of the time..... can you ? Well for one to be CIA director (CIA witholds info from pres routinely!) Then be VP THEN PRES, tHEN HAVE 2 SONS BECOME GOVERNOR OF 2 OUT OF 50 STATES THEN HAVE THE BROTHER WHO IS GOV OF fLORIDA USE HIS STATE TO PULL BLOODLESS COUP STEAL ELECTION BYPASS THE POPULAR VOTE AS YOU REFER TO AS MEANING ANYTHING! tHEN TO HAVE cHENEY AS vp WHEN cHENEY WAS SEC OF DEFENSE FOR BIG DADDY BUSH PUPPET#1 IN 1991. tHESE MASONIC SKULL AND BONES THOUSAND POINTS OF LIGHT CRIMINALS ARE EXACTLY LIKE HITLER, STALIN, MANSON, ONLY MANSON NEVER KILLED AS MANY AS THE BUSHES ALTHOUGH THEY BOTH ORDERED DEATHS TO OCCUR BY THE HANDS OF ANOTHER! HOW TRANSPARENTLY THEIR VEIL HAS WORN! HOW STUPID IS AMERICA? I KNOW PLENTY OF PEOPLE IN IRAQ OR AT SEA WHO TELL OF MASSACRING EVERYTHING THAT MOVES IN SIGHT! OLD LADIES DOGS KIDS PREGNANT WOMAN IT MATTERS NOT CHENEY AND A PUPPET BUSH HAVE GROOMED THIS SITUATION SINCE 1991! DO YOU THINK BUSH KIDS WOULD BE STATIONED IN IRAQ??? RIGHT!!! WHAT MAKES YOU THINK NAZI GERMANY WAS A PLACE WHERE NHOONE COULD READ OR SPEAK DONT DELUDE YOURSELF BUSH WILL GO DOWN IN HISTORY EQUIVALENT TO THE WORST OF THE WORST! HE HAS DEMOLISHED OUR REPUTATION WITH HOMOEROTIC TORTURES NOT UNLIKE THE HOMOEROTIS RITUALS OF THE SKULL AND BONES OR MASONS , SHRINERS ETC ETC EYES WIDE SHUT DESCRIBES THE CURRENT SITUATION PERFECTLY! HOW MUCH MORE STATISTICALLY IMPROBABLE CAN THE SERIES OF EVENTS THAT LEAD BUSH TO POWER BE? BEFORE SOMEONE SAYS OK NOW THIS STINKS!!!! BUSHES BROYHERSD STATE DECIDES THE ELECTION OUT OF 50 STATES? THAT ALONE IS LIKE SOMETHING OUT OF THE BOOK OF CASTRO HITLER IDI AMIN JIM JONES OR STALIN!!! YOU SAD IGNORANT AUTOMATON! THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF THEDOWNFALL OF THE UNITED STATES MARK MY WORDS! Well thankyou for calling me a sad ignorant automaton. I will take it as a compliment. Apart from that much of your reply is not that disagreeable. History does show that no Empire lasts forever and it evident that the world is changing. as I say President Bush does not appear to be 100% of what one would wish for in a politician, but what is the alternative? McCain, Obama, that is the alternative. Now let's form an orderly queue for all those folks out there that agree with your comparison between the present US administration & those other celebrated despots you mention above. Roll up, roll up..... I want to apologize to you for name calling, It was aimed primarily at the SHEEP that populate America now, I suppose the best of us young generation probably have been thinned from the herd. Problem is we are killing the best, leaving the stupid defective lazy SSI RECIPIENTS TO STONED TO FIGHT OR BRAIN DAMAGED FROM SELF INDUCED CHEMO! The rest of our best who do make it back are only missing a limb or a best friend or ten? The fact they shot people as if they were playing Grand theft auto on PC is something I am sure they will adjust to? As far as Mc Cain He is too wimpy and weak voiced to lead effectively, And is no different than a Bush appointee! Obama as far as I can tell is not a Mason or skull and bones , Demolay etc and has ordered no mass slaughters and homoerotic tortures in violation of our constitution and the Geneva convention! Nor held suspects indefinately with no need for cause , Where there you are sexually violated, humiliated aed tortured ritualistically, ceremonies and rituals and secrets are what these illuminatti are! The apology is accepted. But that's the trouble with the ideal of Denocracy, everyone is supposed to have a say irrespective of how dull or ill informed they are ! The fact is most coudn't be bothered either way. Please accept I do see the point of what you are getting at: I do understand what you are saying, that doesn't mean I agree with you. What I do do is uphold your right to say it, despite my obvious disagreement. My point is, despite the insidiousness of police forces the world over, the likelihood of you or anyone else being visited by the CIA for example is not comparable with Nazi Germany. It does bear saying that, ostensibly, Hitler achieved power through the ballot box. he was elected Democratically, (and on another continent & time, so was Allende of Chile), but the control & insidiousness of the Gestapo in Europe between 1940 & 1945 is not comparable with the CIA. Unless of course, you know different..... Yes sir I most certainly do know different, My brother was on the Kitty Hawk with the largest assemblage of Delta force rangers in its history, They made nightly trips to Afghanistan , Pakistan,Iran, and Iraq. My girls Dad was a Green beret for 21 yrs and saw action in the bay of pigs etc.I would perhaps have a heart attack or accident or dive by shooting if I were to tell you all I know and have heard. The CIA routinely works with drug dealers, Sells crack to the South central Los Angeles area to fund the contras , Remember Ollie North? The CIA has assassinated world leaders or tried (Castro) Saddam Huessein, with held data from even the standing president regarding JFK death, Created the Mujahadein that kicked Russias ass for years That they now portray as AL Qeieda !!! I remember the Afghans were freedom fighters for Reagen\Bush WHOOOOOPS!! trhere goes that pesky Bush name poppin up wherever scandal death lies and loss may be found! By the way BUSH'S STATE tEXAS HAS THE HIGHEST RATE OF DEATH ROW EXECUTIONS AS WELL AS THE RATE OF DNA PROVING INNOCENSE! USUALLY POOR BLACKMEN SO NO BIG DEAL i GUESS? In 1970 US prison pop was 2,00,000 in 2000 US surpassed Russia and stayed #1 highest populace imprisoned, 1 of every 9 African American males 19-34 yrs are imprisoned! 1 of 10 Americans are imprisoned if you factor localjails etc, The number is 2.3 million! or 1 of 10 Americans imprisoned! At least we have one industry that is growing!! Amnesty international located 2,000 men w\life sentences no parole for crimes commited underage! In the entire rest of the world there were just 12 ! total!!! The Nazi's were ameteurs my poor misinformed friend!! wait and see! The thousand points of light will shine upon you too!

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The initiative allowed reformers to bypass lawmakers by putting legislation directly before the voters

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