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middle-class men and women

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Q: Progressive reformers were mainly men and women from?
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How did reformers change women's education?

well in the late 1800s women were able to go get a an education so that is how women got education

Were the survivers of the titanic mainly men or women?

women and children were supossed to get on the lifeboats first, but somehow second class men doubled the survivors of first class children, and even women. so basiclly, men were mainly the survivers

Why did women take such a prominent role in the reform movement?

Some reformers turned to the issue of women's rights because they believed that women, like men, had important contributions to make to American society. These reformers, who believed in an utopian society, believed every was equally capable to advance society.

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What is the role of men and women in Athens?

Men worked then exercised or attended meetings of their assembly. Women's lives mainly revolved around their home and family.

What was the important goal for many progressive-minded women?

The most important goal for progressive-minded women was equality between man and woman. Before women started fighting for equal rights, they were seen more as property and less than men.

How did the women change during the progressive era?

Like men! One love focus maybe :) for a Real love ..

Can men be gynecologists?

Gynecologists are medical physicians, who were mostly men in the past. More and more are women now mainly because there are more women in the medical field now.

In factories that mainly employ women today can you find out what percentage of men or women hold the best paying job?


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men tend to be more "manly" than women and usually save them.

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mainly Blonds xx but it depends on the man and the size of her ...

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