Resolute desk secret chamber

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes... Indeed.

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Q: Resolute desk secret chamber
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Who put in the secret lock in the resolute desk?

The Resolute Desk is the desk in the President's Oval Office. It does not have a secret lock, but in the movie 'National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets,' there is a secret compartment in the desk as part of the plot.

Why is the resolute desk called the resolute desk?

Apparently it was built from the timbers of the Resolute(a former exploration ship).

How did Reagan modify the resolute desk?

Ronald Reagan modify the resolute desk by adding separate wings. This is a desk that is used in the White House.

What is the presidents desk name?

its called the resolute desk.

Why didn't Lyndon Johnson use the resolute desk?

Because Lyndon Johnson was to big for the Resolute Desk, so he decided to use his own Desk, The Johnson Desk.

Does The Oval Office have The Resolute Desk?


Who built the Resolute desk?

William Evenden

Where is the desk which is considered to be the second resolute desk?

There are two Resolute desks, one of which is located in Buckingham Palace and the other of which is normally the desk in the Oval Office of the White House (though some presidents have used other desks). The desks are named after HMS Resolute, and are made from her timber.

When was the resolute desk made?

This desk was given to President Hayes in 1880 by Queen Victoria. It was probably made that year or the year before, It was made from wood from the ship Resolute.

Is 1876 the code from the resolute desk?

Yes. The code is 1876. There are numbers on the bottem of the draws. On both Resolute Desks.

Does the resolute desk have secret compartments?

YES. There is a secret compartment as shown in the film National Treasure. The Queen of England made some modifications to the desk in 1927. If some people don't believe this, they are idiots.

How did Ronald Reagan modify the Resolute Desk?

President Reagan told me he had its legs lengthened because he taller than the last president to use it.