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bureaus and agencies.

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Q: Subdivisions within cabinet departments are known as?
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The cabinet departments in the US government are included in which branch of government?

The Cabinet is what is known as the appointed Secretaries or Ministers responsible for various aspects of the Government of the ruling Party. In a democracy, an elected policitcal party may have many Members of Parliament representing it, often 200 or more- but it is the Prime Minister's choice who should be in charge of Home Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Energy, Justice, Social Security, the Environment, and so on. He or she, along with their advisers, decide upon who best to choose as the most suitable and fitting persons to fill these jobs. They all belong to the ruling Party, but it is they who have the final word upon decisions related to their mandate. It can best be described as a 'ruling Council within the elected Party', if that makes any sense- in an extreme situation, the Prime Minister CAN sack or dismiss a member of his Cabinet, but this would not be without questions or people asking 'Why'? Harold MacMillan did this in '61 because he was paranoid that some of his Cabinet members were plotting to unseat him, but it certain;y created a storm in both Parliament and th media.

The president decides on the size of his cabinet true or false?

Yes. The president-elect draws up a list of candidates after consulting with campaign advisers, congressional leaders, and representatives of interest groups. The senate then holds confirmation hearings on the president's nominees for cabinet posts.

McClellan was known for?

Allowing so many delays to happen that some of Lincoln's cabinet were starting to doubt his loyalty to the cause.

Who was the first US secretary of defense?

Washington's administration had four cabinet members. The current title, Secretary of Defense, was then known as the Secretary of War. General Henry Knox.

What is one advantage that helped the north to win the civil war?

An exceptionally talented President who could control a troublesome cabinet of heavyweights who had been better-known than him, and eventually learned to choose and use the best Generals.

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The formal body of presidential advisors who also head the executive departments are known as?

President's Cabinet or Kitchen Cabinet

What are the heads of certain government departments are known as this these heads advise and help the president?

They are known as the cabinet.

What is the term for a group of government officials who head various departments in the executive branch and advise the president?

The people are known as the president's cabinet and they are the cabinet secretaries .

What are divisions of the federal government with specific areas of responsibility in helping the president carry out laws?

Such are the executive departments, often known as cabinet departments since each is headed by a cabinet secretary appointed by the President.

What are the four inner cabinet departments?

The four inner cabinet departments are the Department of the Attorney General, the Department of the Treasury, the Department of Defense, and the Department of State. These departments are collectively known as the Big Four.

What are the four inner cabinets?

The four inner cabinet departments are the Department of the Attorney General, the Department of the Treasury, the Department of Defense, and the Department of State. These departments are collectively known as the Big Four.

Who heads the major departments in the executive branch?


The is made up of the presidents appointed departments heads in the executive branch?

The department heads, known as secretaries make up the President's cabinet.

Who do the Executive departments report to?

The heads of the federal executive departments, known as secretaries of their respective department, form the traditional Cabinet, an executive organ that serves at the disposal of the president and normally act as an advisory body to the presidency. Therefore they report to the president.

Who are the members of cabinet of prime minister?

Different countries have different positions in cabinets. Countries even change the cabinet positions by doing things like merging or renaming departments or moving responsibility for something from one department to another.

What are the department heads also known as in the executive branch?

Heads of the departments that make up the President's Cabinet are called Secretaries. For example the Department of Labor is headed by the Secretary of Labor, and the Department of Defense is headed by the Secretary of Defense (also abbreviated as SECDEF).

Jackson's unofficial cabinet became known as the kitchen cabinet true or false?

Did Jackson's unofficial cabinet became known as the "kitchen cabinet." true or false