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Benjamin Franklin

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Q: The Albany Plan of Union was drawn up by?
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What did the Albany Plan of Union set up?

It would set up colonies for each of the countries that wanted land. The Albany Plan of Union was a document that was made to set up colonies in North America. The Albany Plan of Union was not passed. :(

What founding father came up with the Albany Plan Of Union?

Ben Franklin

Why was the Albany plan of the union?

the colonists didn't want to give up any power to English

Who drew up the Albany plan of the union?

Benjamin Franklin

Why did the colonists reject the Albany Plan of Union?

Because the local colonial governments would have to give up their power.

What was the Albany plan of union and how was it received by the colonist and by the crown?

Many objections and difficulties were debated, addressed, and resolved whereupon the plan was unanimously adopted by the delegates of the Albany Congress. The plan was disaprooved because the colonials did not want to give up any of their power.

Write a paragraph that summarizes the Albany Plan of Union including the problems it was meant to address and the response it received among the colonies.?

Albany Plan of Union was suggested by the Benjamin Franklin with the objective to create a single government for the colonies. Representatives from several colonies came up together to plan their defense with respect to French and Indian war. The plan was one of the early attempt to form the union of colonies for defense and other important purposes.

Why was Benjamin Franklin's Albany Plan of Union important?

because it was the fist plan brought up during the time that tried to unify all of the colonies under one centralized government unit

What was the purpose of Albany plan of union?

the delegates in Albany knew that the colonists had to work together to defeat the french. Benjamin Franklin, the delegate from Pennsylvania, proposed the Albany plan of union. the plan was an attempt to create "one general government" for the 13 colonies. it called for a grand council made up of Representatives from each colony.

Why did the colonists not approve the Albany plan of union?

The Grand Council would limit colonies to certain powers.

Why did colonial legislatures oppose the Albany Plan of Union?

The colonial legislatures disapproved of the plan because the colonies did not want to give up any of their power.The colonists did not unite against the French.Soon a destructing war begun.This war was called the French and Indian War.I hope that answered your question.

In what year was the Schlieffen Plan thought of?

The first version of the Schlieffen Plan was drawn up in 1905.