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Q: The attitude of Carolinians toward Indians can best be described as?
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Which is best described as a writer's attitude toward a subject?

A writer's attitude toward a subject is best described as tone.

What is the attitude toward humans and other gods?

It is not clear from your question whose attitude you are asking about, although the inference is that it is a god. Could be Zeus, who knows. The attitude of Zeus toward humans would have to be described as paternalistic. His attitude toward other gods would be described as competitive.

The attitude of Athenians toward themselves and their empire can be described as one of?


What best described the attitude of the dutch toward the natives?

The dutch were not interested in converting them.

What is the mandans attitude toward Lewis and Clark expedition?

they were mad becasuse they think indians are dumb

Guy de Maupassant is often described as a naturalist who?

does not directly and obviously communicate his tone, or attitude toward his characters, in his writings.

Why----Rafael is compiling a book What is the subject of the book What does this suggest about his attitude toward native Americans or Indians?

Help it's for school :'(

What best described warren hardings attitude toward business?

He felt the government should cooperate with business to achieve greater profits

What was Samuel parris attitude toward children?

what was samuel parris's attitude toward children?

What term refers to an author's attitude toward a subject?


What is mayella attitude toward everyone in the courtroom?

mayellas attitude toward the courtroom is very sassy (cocky)

How does Georges attitude toward his hometown change as events unfold?

How does George’s attitude toward his hometown change as events unfold?