The place where government meet?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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the government meet in the house of commons

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Q: The place where government meet?
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Tribes eventually settling in one place and developed the nation-state refers to the what Theory of government?


Who created democracy?

Ancient Greece was actually the first place to make a democracy. The United States later modeled their government after that.

Why did colonists resort to slavery to meet the labor needs in agriculture?

Salves were their for life and would work for a cheaper rate. Also they would work for food or a place too stay.

What was the goal of the national grange?

to improve farmers living standards.Comment:Guodong Gulol complete sentence?Give communities a place to meet and organize farmers to demand political change♪

What were the differences between the union and the confedrecy?

The Union government, the US Government, believed in the idea that the Federal government was meant to be stronger than the individual state governments. What I mean by this is that the Federal Governemt could pass laws that the states had to recognize and abide by. The Confederate Government believed that the individual state governments were set up to be stronger than the federal government. They felt that the state governments were capable of passing laws and overseing their states. The federal government laws could therefore be overturned by the state governments if they felt that those laws interfered with the states system. They saw the federal government as merely a form of protection from invasion by other countries and a place where the states could convene and discuss issues. Not a place to pass laws that might hinder a states way of conducting business. A perfect exaple of this, and oneif the causes of secession and the Civil War was the passing of tariffs by the federal government on the southern states exports of cotton to the north and to Great Britain. These tariffs would greatly affect the south. They had been exporting cotton for years, and now they were to be taxed for doing it. Not to mention that the very place the cotton was being shipped to, the north, was the place where the federal government that passed these tariffs was located. This infuriated the south and was one of several causes for the beginning of secession and eventually war.

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In what building does the Alberta government meet?

at a legislative place or in a white house (not Americas)

Where does a municipal government meet?

A municipal government meets at City Hall.

When a group of representatives meet for a subject is?


When does the Ontario Municipal Government meet?

They meet in City Hall.

What is the place called were freshwater and saltwater meet?

An estuary is the place where freshwater and saltwater meet.

What is the duration of A Strange Place to Meet?

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the kremlin

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Where did the Nationalists meet in 1786 to disucss the issues regarding the US' government?

Where did the Nationalists meet in 1786 to discuss the issues of the U.S. government

Where and when do the munipical government meet?

Municipal legislatures meet in their municipal (town) hall.

Communism combines a?

Totalitarian government and socialist economic system