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The power to create a cabinet level post belongs to the president. However, the Congress much appropriate the funds to operate it. The most recent cabinet department is the Department of Homeland Security.

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Q: The power to create Cabinet level departments is?
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Explain the major reasons why the independent agencies exist apart from the cabinet level departments?

Because it its part of the Legislative Branch and Congress has no power to tax.

Does the president have power to create a cabinet?


What power does the cabinet have?

The power to influence policy on the national level

Where in the constitution did Washington claim it gave him the power to create a cabinet?

The place in the Constitution in which Washington claimed it gave him the power to create a cabinet was Article 2, Section 2, Clause 2.

Is the presidents cabinet provided for or specifically mentioned in the constitution?

The constitution does not mention a cabinet nor give any details about how the executive department should be organized. Congress has the power to create or abolish cabinet positions.

What article does the Constitution mention the president and his cabinet?

The cabinet of the president of the United States is not specifically mentioned in the Constitution. However, allowances were made for the creation of the Executive Branch which is lead by the president.

What document calls for the establishment of a cabinet?

None. The constitution has a rather vague reference to the "heads of the great departments", stating that the president has the power to get their written opinions on important issues but that is about it. Michael Montagne

What is the structure and function of the legislative branch?

The executive branch consists of the president, vice president and 15 Cabinet-level departments such as State, Defense, Interior, Transportation and Education. The primary power of the executive branch rests with the president, who chooses his vice president, and his Cabinet members who head the respective departments. A crucial function of the executive branch is to ensure that laws are carried out and enforced to facilitate such day-to-day responsibilities of the federal government as collecting taxes, safeguarding the homeland and representing the United States' political and economic interests around the world.

Who has more power MLA or Cabnet minister?

Cabinet ministers typically hold more power than Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs). Cabinet ministers are appointed by the Prime Minister or Premier and are responsible for specific government departments or portfolios. They are involved in making key policy decisions and implementing government initiatives, whereas MLAs primarily represent their constituents in the legislative process.

Who has power to elect members odf cabinet?

The premier elects the Cabinet Ministers.

Why did George Washington want a cabinet?

The Cabinet was created by George Washington, the first President of the United States. He appointed four Cabinet members to help him in fulfill his responsibilities and give him advice.

What is confirmation power?

The Senate has the 'confirmation power', they confirm or deny all of the presidents appointments (cabinet, judicial, ambassador). The senate's confirmation power the senate shares with the president the responsibility for filling many high-level government positions.