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Q: The practice of one country extending its rule over other or colonies?
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The practice of one country extending its rule over other countries or colonies?


What is practice of extending a nation's power over other lands?


Other lands which a country controls are called its?


Can a homoeopathic doctor from other country practice in Canada?


What does imperialsm mean?

The practice of expanding the power of oneâ??s country through controlling other parts of the world is the bases of imperialism. Britain did this with by spreading colonies through the Americas, India, and Hong Kong.

What were the colonies referred to by the first immigrants?

people who came from other country

What Was Imperlisim?

Imperialism is a policy of extending a country's power and influence through colonisation, use of military force, or other means.

Which two statements does not describe mercantilism?

Colonies could buy goods from other countries besides the mother country. Colonies would ship raw materials to the mother country.

What is the name for the practice where a country avoids contact with other nations?

It is isolationism.

What were the trade rules for colonies?

Colonies were generally forbidden to trade with countries other than their "mother" country. English colonies traded only with England; Dutch colonies traded only with Holland; Spanish colonies traded only with Spain.

Can a law firm in a country be hired in a legal action for you in another country?

If the firm, or any of its associates, are admitted to practice in the other country, yes, they can.

What is the Indian practice of cremating their dead has had on the ganges river?

because people from other country do it i think