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D: be socially and geographically diverse

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Q: The two political parties of the jacksonian era tended to?
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Parties began holding public nominating in the Jacksonian era?

Yes, parties began holding public nominatiions in the Jacksonian era

The political era of the 1830's and 1840's is known as what?

post-jacksonian era

A political party formed by supporters of Andrew Jackson?

The political party that was formed was the Democratic party. This time was known as the Jacksonian democracy era. The Anti-Jacksonian supporters later become known as the Whigs.

The striking feature of the Jacksonian era was?

The striking feature of the Jacksonian era was the increase in the influence of the common man.

Did the deomocratic party disappear during the jacksonian era?

No, the deomocratic party did not disappear during the Jacksonian era, instead it just changed names.

How did the era of good feelings start?

Fightings between political parties

What are the political parties in Libya?

Political parties are starting to develop in Libya with the rise of the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood, the Democratic Party, Islamist political groups, secularists, etc.... During the Gaddafi era, Gaddafi himself banned political parties.

When did the era of jacksonian democracy begin?


What was not a evidence of a significant change in American political culture during the jacksonian era?

A decrease on the interest in states' rights throughout the south. Abolition of slavery in CA.

What events and ideas connected to Andrew Jackson led to patterns of change in the US?

Jacksonian democracy is the political philosophy of the United States politician Andrew Jackson and his supporters. Jackson's polocies followed the era of Jefferson democracy which dominated the previous political era!

Was the era of good feelings an accurate name?

Yes, because the 2 political parties go along during that Era

What two events brought an end to the Era of Good Feelings in 1819?

political parties