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Q: This state has shoshone National forest the first national forest?
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Which US President made the first National Forest?

It was in 1891, during the term of Benjamin Harrison that the Shoshone National Forest was set aside as part of the Yellowstone Timberland Reserve. A link to the home page of the Shoshone, first national forest in the United States, is provided.

Which the first reserve forest of India?

satpura national park

Which was the first reserve forest of India?

satpura national park

Are the campsites on Government Island in the Manistee National Forest in Michigan first come first serve?


What is important about Wyoming?

Wyoming is important because of it's large portions of coal and natural gas from the aspect of economy. Morally, it is important because many people from Wyoming live the old fashioned, "tough way".

Are there any national parks in a temperate forest?

Yes. Olympic National Park in Washington State. The Ozark Hills are covered in a national forest, Mark Twain, with lots of activities, a temperate forest surrounded by very clean lakes, rivers, and creeks for canoeing. Try Alley Springs Park on the Current River for a park w/great amenities. Also: Being the first National River park in the US, this is great fun. However, being surrounded by a temperate forest, watch out for the snakes.

Why has Theodore Roosevelt been called the first enviromental president?

Because of some of these accomplishments:Created the first National Bird Preserve.Co-founded the American Bison Society.Established the US Forest Service.Set aside 42 million acres as National Forest, wildlife refuges and parks.Preserved numerous historical landmarks.

What was the first national park two be astablished?

Yellowstone National Park was the first national park to be established.

What was the first national park in the UK?

The first national park in the United Kingdom was the Peak district national park, founded in 1951.

What was Australia's first national park?

Australia's first national park is now known as the Royal National Park.

What is the first name of the first national park?

Yellowstone National Park

Is Yellowstone national park the first national park in the world?

Yes, it was established as a national park in 1872, many decades before 1909.No, the first national parks was established in Sweden in 1909 when the Swedish Parliament established the following parks:Abisko National ParkÄngsö National ParkGarphyttan National ParkGotska Sandön National ParkHamra National ParkPieljekaise National ParkSånfjället National ParkSarek National ParkStora Sjöfallet National Park