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Jacksonian Democracy can be considered an outgrowth of Jefferson's ideas that the people should rule. The Jacksonian Democratic movement was also the consequence of the growth and energy of the nation during the 1830s and 1840s. Prosperity meant more people could consider politics. Politicians and participation in politics grew. There was an increase in education available to citizens and the right to vote was being extended, especially in the west. Jackson believed in the ability of the "common man" to participate in government. He made use of the spoils system to reward his supporters. Jacksonian Democracy believed in equal opportunity extended to white males. The attitude towards women, children, Blacks, and Indians were typical of the time. Jacksonian Democracy also believed in the supremacy of the power of the national government over states' rights advocates. property requirements for voting had been eliminated

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Q: To what extent was the universal white manhood suffrage achieved in the jacksonian democracy?
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Jacksonian democracy

Jacksonian democracy had its roots in the?

Jacksonian democracy had its roots in the early 19th-century political climate of growing populism and expanding suffrage. It was characterized by a commitment to expanding political participation for all white men and an emphasis on individual rights and limited government. Jacksonian democracy also sought to challenge the power of the political elite and create a more egalitarian society.

What is the expanding suffrage of the Jacksonian Democracy?

Jackson let everyone vote not just the people who owned lad. The only people who were not aloud to vote were woman and slaves.

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All white men were allowed to vote.

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Increased voter turnout

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