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china's poor human rights record


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Q: Trade relations between China and the United States are often strained because of?
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During the confederation period relations with France were strained because of what?

The inability of the United States to repay its debt.

How were US-Iraqi Relations after Operation Desert Storm?

Relations were incredibly strained and often adversarial between Iraq and the United States after Operation Desert Storm. After all, the United States had recently invaded Iraq and compelled its surrender.

How did the GentleMen's Agreement affect the Japanese?

This lowered the Immigration rate because the Japanese didnt like what the Unites States was doing and didnt want to move there because of that

Relations between Japan and the United States were tense because of?

the Japanese occupation of Indochina.

What issue still causes strained relations between the United States and china?

One issue that causes strained relations between the United States and China is trade policy, including disputes over tariffs, intellectual property theft, and market access. Additionally, tensions arise from disagreements over human rights, Taiwan, the South China Sea, and cybersecurity. Geostrategic competition between the two countries also adds to the strained relationship.

What did the jay treaty resolve How did the French respond to the treaty?

The Jay Treaty resolved issues between the United States and Great Britain, particularly related to trade and navigation rights. The French viewed the Jay Treaty as favoring Britain and violating the Franco-American alliance, leading to strained relations and disputes between France and the United States.

Why were relations between the US and cuba poor in 1960?

Relations between the United States and Cuba were poor in 1960 because President John Kennedy did not trust the new Cuban dictator. Fidel Castro had just come into power at this time and the United States feared Communism would spread.

Which two events directly concerned relations between the US and England?

which two events directly concerned relations between the united states and England

What is the difference between international relations international affairs and international studies?

Most simplistic way to distinguish two first issues: International relations are relations between various entities in international arena .It could be relations between states, relations between different organizations (regional, world wide, tc). International affairs are issues/topics/problems of concern of various entities (states,organizations,etc).

Relations between the states is the topic of which article?

Article 4 of the U.S. Constitution discusses the roles and responsibilities of the states.

What was the process of restoring normal relations between the states after the Civil War?


Full diplomatic relations between Vietnam and were established in 1995?

the united states