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Q: Under Mexican rule the main appeal Texas held for American settlers was?
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Why did the relations between Mexican government and American settlers in Texas begin to deteriorate?

Relations between the Mexican government and American settlers in Texas begin to deteriorate because settlers refused to convert to Catholicism or free their slaves.

What about American settlers in Texas upset Mexican leaders?


Where did American settlers revolted against Mexican authorities?

In Texas

In 1820s Mexicans invited American settlers ito what state?

Mexicans invited the American settlers into Texas. Texas-Mexico invited Americans to settle in Texas to stop Indian attacks. These settlers were required to be Catholic, become Mexican citizens, and follow Mexican laws.

Mexican authorities were so alarmed by the number of American settlers in Texas by 1830 that they?

Decided to close immigration into Texas.

Name the four things that American settlers agreed to do in exchange for receiving land in Texas?

The American settlers agreed to Learn Spanish, Become Mexican Citizens, convert to Catholicism and obey MExican law

What was true about the American settlers in Texas?

That they were humans. Improved answer: they had to become Mexican citizens. APEX ;D

Who was the first American impresario to bring settlers to Texas?

Stephen Austin was the first American impresario to bring settlers to Texas. He was loyal the the Mexican government until Santa Anna voided the Mexican Constitution and pronounced himself dictator.

What are the differences between Anglo and Mexican settlers in Texas?

Anglo settlers were colonist in Mexico and Mexican settlers weren't

How did Texas separate from Mexico?

During the Texas annexation and the Mexican- American war. Also Mexico was not strong enough and american settlers were moving in steadily.At the Texas Revolution (1835-1836)

Why did US settlers in Texas want independence from the government?

Why did Mexican officials want to bring more settlers to Texas?because they were trying to colonize Texas and make it part of Mexico.

Who was the original leader of the american settlers in Texas who obtained a huge land grant from the Mexican government?

Stephen Austin