Use telegraph in a sentence

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Telegraph poles to stop debris

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Q: Use telegraph in a sentence
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How could you use telegraph in a sentence?

With modern technology, the telegraph is being confined to history.

How do you use telegraph in a sentence?

She received an urgent telegraph from her boss requesting her immediate presence at the office.

How can you put the word telegraph in a sentence?

I'm going to send this telegraph to Joe!

How do you put telegraph into a sentence?

Example of telegraph in a sentence:Yesterday I put up a telegraph pole all around the united kingdom.

How would you put telegraph in an sentence?

Bell was trying to improve the telegraph when he invented the telephone. They used the telegraph to communicate across the ocean.

What is a good sentence for the word telegraph?

telegraph was an old machine invented by Thomas Edison, to talk to each other.

Could you give me a sentence involving the word telegraph?

Communication by telegraph has been outmoded by wireless communication methods.

A sentence with the word telegraph?

He stayed seated at the telegraph all night long, waiting for messages to come over the wires

Where did the telegraph use?


What is the prefix for far away?

You could possible use " extra- " as in extraterrestrial. Probably better to use " tele -" as in telemetry, telepathy, television, telephone, and telegraph.

How can telegraphic be used in a sentence?

I am overjoyed that telegraph had existed back in the day

When was the telegraph outdated?

The telegraph is still in use but it has evolved and is in use in specialized circumstances. The telephone which was invented in 1876 would have gradually replaced the telegraph in commercial usage.