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well the guy that made this thingy wanted to build something so he did and that is why there was an electric telegraph invented.

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Benjamin Franklin did not build the telegraph. Franklin discovered electricity. Samuel Morse is considered the inventor of the telegraph.

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Q: WHY was the electric telegraph invented?
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Who invented the electrical telegraph?

Samuel Morse invented the electric telegraph.

Who was president when telephone telegraph and electric were invented?


Where was the electric telegraph?

It was invented in New York city

Who invented the telograph?

The non-electric telegraph was invented by Claude Chappe in 1794. This system was visual and used semaphore, a flag-based alphabet, and depended on a line of sight for communication. The optical telegraph was replaced by the electric telegraph.

Who invented electric telegraph?

In 1828, the first electric telegraph was invented by Harrison Dyar who sent electrical sparks through chemically treated paper tape to burn dots and dashes.

Who invented the first success telegraph?

The computer is successfully outdated the electric telegraph that many people didn't know. An electric telegraph is one of communication devices that were invented in 1794 by Claude Chappe but the first successful telegraph is on 1830s and 1840s by Samuel Morse and other inventors.

Was the telegraph invented during the late 1800s?

No, The non-electric telegraph was invented by Claude Chappe in 1794, but it was improved by Thomas Edison during the 1800.

President while telegraph phonograph and electric lights were invented?


Who created the telagraph?

The non-electric telegraph was invented in 1794 by Claude Chappe

Who invented the electric telegraph in India?

Well......hisorry to say that i don't know

Name 5 inventions of Thomas Edison?

devices for telegraph he made inprovments in tecnology he invented cuplox telegraph electric pen for telegraph inprovments in telephone tec

He invented the electric telegraph and the international code used for messages around the world?

Samuel Morse- American artist and inventor known for his invention of the electric telegraph and the Morse code became an international code used for telegraph and new messages around the world.