Was Charles Richard Drew poor

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Dr Charles Drew was not a poor man.He had alot of money due to the Blood for Britain. He also established the American Red Cross Blood Bank, of which he was the first director. He was very famous and very wealthy

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Q: Was Charles Richard Drew poor
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When was Charles Richard Drew House created?

Charles Richard Drew House was created in 1920.

What was Dr Charles Drew Mentor Name?

Charles Richard Drew

What were Charles Drew's kid's names?

Price Drew, Ivie Drew, Jarvis Drew, and Charles Richard Drew Junior.

What was the name of Charles Drew dad?

Richard Drew.

What is Charles drew's parents names?

Charles Drew's parents were Richard T. Drew and Nora Burrell.

What is Charles Richard Drew's nickname?

Charles Drew did not have any well known nicknames.

Is Charles Richard Drew still alive?

No, Charles Richard Drew is not still alive. Drew died on April 1, 1950 in Burlington, North Carolina.

Who created blood banks?

Charles Richard drew created blood banks

What are the names of Charles Drew kids?

jamesCharles Richard drew jr

Where did charles richard drew die?


Where the Charles Richard Drew live?


What were Charles Richard Drew's interests?

The tape.