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Q: What was Dr Charles Richard Drew's religion?
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Who are Dr Charles Richard drew friends?

Who were charles drews friends

Who was Charles Richards drews wife?

From a biography on Charles Richard Drew: Dr. Drew was married in 1939 to Minnie Lenore Robbins,

What was Dr Charles Drew Mentor Name?

Charles Richard Drew

Dr Charles Drew's nationalitywhat is his nationality you ask well its american.?

Dr. Charles Richard Drew was born in Washington, D.C.

Where did Dr Drew go to school as a child?

dr. Charles Richard drew was home school.

He created the plasma blood preservation?

its was Dr. Charles Richard Drew

Whats Charles Drews wifes name?

Dr. Charles R. Drew was born in Washington, DC on June 3, 1904 and died in Burlington, North Carolina on April 1, 1950. He was married to Minnie Lenore Robbins.

How did dr Charles drews blood bank invention impact the people?

Charles Drew was a doctor and surgeon remembered as the inventor of the blood bank, which has saved millions of lives. He also established the blood bank of the American Red Cross, which he was the first director of.

What contribution is Dr Charles Richard Drew recognized for?

Charles Drew helped expand knowledge on blood banking and blood transfusions.

How did dr Charles Richard drew die?

He suffered from injuries from a car accident in North Carolina.

What year did dr Charles Richard drew go to college?

i think he went to howards university

What did Charles Richard drew invented?

Dr Charles Richard Drew Invented The Blood Bank In 1937 And He Died On April 1 1950 He Lived In Washington DC He Recived a Patent # 2.301210 On November 10th