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Q: Was the Gadsden Purchase made to ensure a direct line for the building of a southern railroad?
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Did Manifest Destiny cause the Gadsden Purchase?

Not directly. The Gadsden Purchase was solely to obtain railroad right of way for a proposed southern Transcontinental Railroad.

In the 1850's what purchase was made to open southern railroad route of the transcontinental railroad?


What purchase allowed the US to have a direct railroad line across the southern territory?

The Gadsden Purchase.

Who is James Gadsden?

He was the US Minister to Mexico who made the Gadsden purchase. He was also a Southern railroad man with dreams of empire.

What was the US purchase from Mexico called?

Gadsden Purchase. It was done largely to get land needed for a southern railroad line.

Southwestern territory acquired by the Pierce administration to facilitate a southern transcontinental railroad?

Gadsden purchase

Southernwestern territory acquired by the pierce administration to ficilitate a southern transcontinental railroad?

The Gadsden Purchase

Who ensecured a direct line across the American territory for the southern railroad to the pacific?

Gadsden Purchase

Why did the US pay a large price for the Gadsden purchase?

To gain land for a Southern transcontinental railroad

The purpose of the Gadsden purchase was?

Build a railroad

What was the gadsden purchise?

The Gadsden Purchase is the area of land in southern Arizona and southern New Mexico that was purchased from México so that the transcontinental railroad could go around the Rocky Mountains without leaving the country.

Why was the Gadsden Purchase made?

This purchase was made to obtain a strip on land over which to build a trans-continental railroad to connect the rest of the US with California.