What was true about the case of Nixon V.Herndon?

Updated: 8/18/2023
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Mandy Roy

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A.) An African American was kept from voting by state law

B.) The Supreme Court ruled against a discriminatory voting law

C.) Democratic Party officials took action to get around a ruling against a discriminatory

D.) All the above


D.) all of the above

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Curtis Strite

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all of the above

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All of the above

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all of the above APEX :)

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Q: What was true about the case of Nixon V.Herndon?
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What was true about the case of Nixon v. Herndon?

all of the above-apex

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Politics is the career of Richard Nixon

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It's true, Nixon had an enemies list.

Who won in the us v Nixon case?

idk wut happened but i hope that someone answers me because this is for a project

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He took both liberal and conservative positions on issues. - Apex

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When President Nixon took office were there more than 500000 US troops in Vietnam?


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One example of executive privilege is the case of U.S. v. Nixon. This case focused on the criminal case of President Nixon and his invoking of privilege in order to refuse to produce copies of phone calls that took place in the Oval Office.

What case limited executive privilege?

United States v. Nixon was the case that questioned executive privilege. The case was decided on July 24, 1974. The Supreme Court ruled unanimously against Nixon.

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President Nixon stated that Charles Manson was "guilty, directly or indirectly. Charles's lawyer asked for a mistrial because of this statement.

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Richard Nixon was thrust into the national spotlight

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He had to work with a Democratic Congress. (Apex)