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Q: What are male members of the ganese tribe called?
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A male of the ganese tribe?

male of the ganese tribe

What was the native American tribe Crow clothing?

The traditional Crow Tribe clothing is different for the male and female sexes. The females wear undecorated clothing, mostly due to the fact that they did not travel far from their homes. Their clothing was constructed from deer and sheep skins, accented by elk teeth. The Crow females kept their hair short, unlike the males of the tribe, which grew their hair as long as possible, to the point where it was touching the ground, and decorated it with feathers and other items. Both male and female members of the tribe wore moccasins and leggings. The male members of the tribe also wore a shirt instead of a dress, which was accented by a belt and a robe.

What is the head of the tribe or family called?

Alpha-male Chief Top Dog Godfather any of the above Patriarch

What is the head of a family or a tribe called?

Alpha-male Chief Top Dog Godfather any of the above Patriarch

Was a chief of a tribe a man or woman?

The Chief of the tribe was male but they were elected by the women.

Who was the leader of the algonquians?

There was no one leader, as the Algonquin people were made of many different tribes. Each tribe had their own leader, and this role was passed down to other male family members; in present time, it is voted on democratically. The paramount leader or chief of an Algonquian Indian tribe is called a sagamore or sachem. Two leaders of the Algonquian nations were.Tecumseh and Pontiac.

What to call a female service member on airplane?

Male and Female crew members are both called Flight Attendants

In ancient Israel the male was the leader of the tribe.?

patriarchy A+

Iroquois jobs for Adult male in there tribe?

the male iroquois indians job was to kill bears mammoth

What is male butterfly called?

a male butterfly is called a male

What are the native American tribal ranks?

Cheif- leader of the entire tribe (male) Warchief- chief that gives orders in war and is in charge of all the fighters is war. Must run everything by the chief first. (male) Holy Man- tells of the ancestors wishes, is highly respected and honored. Only one in a tribe. (male) Holy Woman- Same as Holy Man. (female) Warriors- the fighters of a tribe. (males and occasionally females, no children) Gatherers- ones that gather food and other supplies. This job can also be done by warriors or other tribe members. (mostly women and children) Hunters- ones that hunt. Can also be warriors. (males and occasionally females) Elders- ones in the tribe that have served their purpose and are highly respected. (males and females)

What is a male shark called?

A male shark is called a male.