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Third World countries have less wealth, military power, less education, health and are dominated by First World countries. The poor nations provide Natural Resources and cheap labor. These countries further provide a destination for obsolete technology, thus providing additional markets for developed nations to sell their seconds. Without this second hand economy, these nations would be without have any standard of living. Thus, a dependency is formed.

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Q: What are the causes of dependency in the third world countries?
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What are the main arguments of the dependency theory its causes and solutions of underdevelopment in third world countries?


Importance of dependency theory in policy making in Nigeria?

Becasue Nigeria is a third world country, the dependency theory claims that world banks and organizations which lend money and help to third world countries from developed nations create a dependecy from Nigeria to developed countries.

What are the effects of colonization to third world countries?

Dependency on the mother country and not being able to properly function without the assist of outside sources

Is it third countries or third world countries in a sentence?

Third World countries.

What are the main causes of depeasantisation in the third world countries?

Some say that overpopulation and lack of access to clean water are the main causes of depeasantisation in third world countries. Government corruption could be another contributing factor.

What has the author Rajesh Chandra written?

Rajesh Chandra has written: 'Industrialization and development in the Third World' -- subject(s): Industrial policy, Industrialization, Dependency on foreign countries

What are the causes of poverty in third world countries?

There are many different causes for poverty in third world countries. Third world countries are poor with very minimal resources to anything. Also these countries are still stuck in the colonial times and never recovered from these era's. With limited and mostly no resources at all it is unlikely for these countries to rise up and they remain poor. This causes violence, death, and corruption within the people who live there since they have nothing, which then leads to more problems without a way to fix.

What was one ot the causes of imperialism in Europe?

the desire to raid Third World countries of their natural resources

How many third world countries are in the world today?

There are 47 third world countries today.

What does third world debt?

Third World debt is external debt incurred by Third World countries. Third World debt is external debt incurred by Third World countries.

What is third world debt?

third world countries which are in debt to countries which have more money and material. Third world is when devolving countries are in debt. countries like Africa which have no money or materials .

What are devoloping countries?

Third world countries, or countries that are considered poorer countries of the world

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